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I have been a Jewish studies educator for more than 50 years. In that span I have taught Jewish subjects to children of all ages as well as adults. My students thrill at my ability to engage them in every Jewish subject we study. I am noted for my creativity and expertise in Jewish practice.

One fine day I was looking for books on the laws & customs of Judaism as well as one about the Jewish holidays. After an extensive search, I was unable to find a book explaining the mitzvot (Biblical commandments) or a book about the Jewish holidays in one set. Sure, there were several books available which discussed various mitzvot. And a book might explain the holidays of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, another might explain Chanuka, etc. But I was unable to find a book that explains the mitzvot or that explains the Jewish holidays in one book.

My Latest Jewish Books

As a devoted author and educator, I have written four books about Judaism. The “Have You been Jewish Today?” books are about the Biblical commandments. One book is for elementary school-age children. Another is for high school students while the other is for adults. The fourth book is about the Jewish holidays and is for children.

Click the books below for more information and to learn how to access this exclusive series.


Children Edition

Young children are exposed to much information in their formative years. Many experts agree that violence and abnormal conduct is to some extent the result of a lack of proper education and learned social skills.

This is especially true of Jewish children whose parents are required to instruct them in Jewish morals, ethics, and rituals. The easy-to-read and beautifully illustrated elementary school edition of “Have You been Jewish Today?” fills this need.


High School Edition

Regardless of the level of Jewish observance, the high school edition of “Have You been Jewish Today?” is intended to show high school students the proper Jewish way of living.


Adult Edition

Because of a lack of proper education, many Jews have only a vague notion about their ancient faith. They are yearning to return to their Jewish roots.

The objective of the inspiring and fully illustrated book “Have You have Been Jewish Today — Adult Edition” is to enable adult Jews to love, appreciate and practice their 3,300-year-old religion. Prospective converts will also find the book useful and informative.


Holiday Edition

Parents and Judaic studies teachers will find a plethora of books for Jewish children about individual Jewish holidays, or books in which a cursory explanation of each holiday is given.

Something to think about…

Watch This Short Video To See If You Can Find The Hidden Message Inside

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Let’s talk about Parsha

Nearly every Shabat (Saturday) morning, a parsha – section of the Torah — is read in the synagogue as part of the Shacharit (morning) prayer.

Each parsha has a name.  A parsha may discuss Jewish laws and customs, or it may contain the history of the Jewish people, or both! You can read about the parshiyot (plural of parsha) in all versions of Have You been Jewish Today? by Sholom Morgan.

I have created questions about the content of each parsha. Some parshiyot have many questions, others only a few. They are all designed to be interesting and informative.  Click here for more information and to see the Parsha questions prepared for you.

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I’m active on Social Media, and respond to all contacts as soon as possible.  You can also reach me by telephone, email and my Contact Form.

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