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My name is Sholom Morgan, and I have been a Jewish studies educator and book author for more than 50 years. In this span, I have taught Jewish studies to children of all ages, as well as adults.

This website and blog are dedicated to providing insight into the Jeewish faith, as well as to showcase my books and writings for everyone to see and enjoy.

This site is not about just Jewish Books, but an overall look into the Jewish faith and lifestyle.

I have included some excellent training and fun including Parsh, some Trivia, a Certification program, and much more.

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If you are Jewish, you may have a difficult time deciding who to vote for in 2020. He has been the best friend Israel has ever had since Truman. On the other hand, he has exported American jobs; kowtowed to our enemies and alienated our allies; passed a tax cut for the wealthy and increased taxes on the poor and middle-class; and lied consistently. Let’s pray that Hashem (G-d), in His infinite wisdom, sends us a true leader of the free world.


Several Democratic candidates are proposing eliminating all student debt. I am in favor ON ONE CONDITION. I struggled to repay my $15,000 student debt to the federal government when I attended, and graduated from, a private university. If the feds will reimburse me, then I favor eliminating all student debt. If not, then why should these students get away with not repaying? They knew they would at some point have to repay their loans. Some will struggle to repay; others won’t. Still, it’s an egregious proposal by a socialist Democratc candidate for President who also happens to be an anti-Semitic Jew. The proposal should be defeated — unless those who were conscientious enough to repay their loans are reimbursed.

WEP (Windfall Elimination Provision)

I know many people who work in private industry and contribute to social security. When they retire, they still want to contribute to society so they work as teachers or at other non-profits and contribute to a pension fund. Apparently the government doesn’t like it when people do this so President Reagan initiated — and Congress passed — WEP, the Windfall Elimination Provision. If you collect social security and a pension, the feds can deduct from your social security payments. Of course it’s outrageous. You paid into social security; you should be able to collect it without penalty. There are bills in both houses of Congress to eliminate WEP. Contact your congressmen and demand that WEP be repealed.


Our Torah states that when Yitzchak (Isaac) was on his deathbed, he blessed his twin sons Aisav (Esau) and Yakov (Jacob). The Torah describes Yakov as being “a man who dwells in tents,” i.e., studious, unassuming and righteous. Aisav is described as being “a man of the field,” i.e., a hunter who killed people and animals for sport and committed many other atrocities. Yitzchak’s blessings to his sons are very clear. If Yakov’s descendants, the Jewish people, study the Torah and perform mitzvot (the Biblical commandments), they can’t be harmed by anti-Semites or anyone else. Aisav’s descendants, today’s Christians, will be subservient to the Jews. However, if the Jews fail to study the Torah and perform the mitzvot, Aisav’s descendants will dominate the Jews and not always for the better, as 2,000 years of persecution has shown. This has been the situation since the destruction of the Second Bait Hamikdash (Temple) in Jerusalem in 70 CE. It’s only been the last 240 years that Christians have welcomed the Jews in the United States. And now Jews in the U.S. and elsewhere are witnessing a resurgence of anti-Semitism. Jews are still being subjugated and will continue to be until they obey the will of Hashem.

Returning to Yitzchak’s blessings of his sons, it’s important to note that nowhere in the Torah does Yitzchak state or imply that Jews will be successful fighting anti-Semitism if they

****donate to non-Orthodox (or anti-religious) Jewish institutions;

****remember the Holocaust;

**** build monuments and museums to memorialize atrocities committed against Jews.

He did clearly state that obeying the will of Hashem is the way to fight anti-Semitism.

To learn more about how to obey the will of Hashem, look through this website. All the books have been written with this goal in mind.