Would you like a fun challenge? Then welcome to the COJO program, online tests which assess your basic knowledge of Judaism. If you succeed in completing the entire series of tests, you will earn a Certificate of Jewish Observance (COJO)! There is also an optional series of fun trivia tests. Here’s what you do to participate in the COJO program..

1. You must purchase either the adult or the high school textbooks.

2. Refer to the charts below. The one for adults begins on page 2, the one for high school on page 6. They are divided into volumes (1 and 2), parts, and the chapters where the answers may be found. Some tests have only a few questions, others have many. You will have 30 minutes to complete each test. If you don’t complete a test within 30 minutes, you will be unable to log on again to finish it. If you know the material well, you should easily complete each one within the time limit.

3. Next, read the volume and the part you want to take the test on. It is highly recommended that you read the entire part as you probably won’t be able to answer all the questions correctly without reading the text first. Although the tests are “open book,” bear in mind that if you are not familiar with the contents of the chapter for which you are taking the test, and you rely on looking up all the answers as you take the test, you will probably be unable to finish most tests in the allotted time. Be thoroughly familiar with the contents of each section before you take the test!

4. It is recommended that you take the tests in order.

5. Some questions test your vocabulary. For example, your test may ask you questions about the vocabulary words associated with the laws and customs of a Jewish holiday. However, you would still need to read the text to learn the details of what you should do to observe it properly.

6. To take a test, simply complete the quick Tests Request Form here, or email me at info@sholommorgantoday.com and write “test” in the subject line and also include the test number. Each one begins with 0. I will send you a test code with instructions. When you enter this code, you will be directed to the test you request.

7. Be sure to read each test question carefully.

8. Textbook tests 001-041 are for adults; tests 042-82 are for high school students.

9. HINTS:  When answering a “look for the true statement(s)” exercise, write a check next to the true statements. Then follow the directions on the exercise. 

10. Send your completed test to me. It will be graded and returned to you. After you successfully complete all the parts, you will be sent the beautiful, suitable-for-framing Certificate of Jewish Observance.

Here are the tests for adults and high school students as well as their divisions. “Test #” and “part” refer to the number and part of each test. “Chapters” refers to the chapters where you can locate the answers to the exercises. “Content” refers to the subjects covered on the test. Adult tests begin here. High school tests begin on page 6. Any test may contain questions about subjects not listed on the charts. However, the answers to all questions can be found in the chapters provided on the charts.  Click any COJO test below that interests you to learn its contents.”